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Our Quality Policy

“Manohar Bikaneri” is a name Synonymous with quality Indian Sweets and Snacks. What Started over a 40 years ago in the city of bikaner and branched into Delhi as a small Family Establishment ,has now Galvanizes into an Domestic as well as International brand. Today the company is serving a Huge Customer base with a network of over a Multi Locations Outlets  in the Heart of Delhi.

In Our Brand “Manohar  Bikkaneri” we offer you products that you can enjoy anywhere .

This range has been Carefully Picked to Package Products for a long Shelf-Life.

Brand “Manohar Bikkneri ” Offers wide variety of namkeens ,Sweets,Season Specific Godies ,Gift Packs,Heat & eat Snacks and Meal Combos.All our Products are made and Packed in our State of Art Manufacturing Facilities that Maintain world Class Standards of Quality and Hygiene as Per prevalling Market.

We at “manohar Bikkaneri” understand that your gift carries not only your good wishes but also conveys your concern for taste and quality .That is why our gift boxes and hampers include, our love and care that makes our product perfect for your loved ones. 

We take massive pride in associating ourseves with supply  chains that upload the same beliefs as we do only the finest quality makes the cut.Through the stages of production from farm to your packet , WE are hands on about maintaing the taste and high-Qulaity of our products.

At the core of our business,we value wuality above everything else, which translates into products that are good to the last crumb.

As the age old saying goes,”The way to one’s heart courses through their stomach”. We want to leave no stone unturned to win your hearts.

Thanks with Warm Reagrds 

Team “Manohar Bikknaeri” 

Our Vision and Values

“Manohar Bikkneri” Thrive fro serving Quality Food that our passion and their sprit provide Quality Products to the honored Customer has given us a cutting Edge To pre-dominate over all challenges across the world and the traditional Indian Sweet Maker has Transformed into a full Fledged Processing Food Industry and taking it’s wares Beyond the Domestic Frontiers to the Entire World.

“Manohar Bikkaneri” Core Emphasis is on Delivering Healthy.

Traditional and Delicious Foods.Our Persistent Focus is on Quality and Freshness ; We Understand  & realizeour responsabilites to continue Delivering food that are Customers Admire Around the worlds.After All,the Award that we cherish the most is the one given by our esteemed & valued Customers.

“Manohar Bikkaneri” Advice continuous and sustainable Growth in the business ,within India and abroad, Organically and Inorganically.

“Manohar Bikkaneri” strengthen Leadership in traditional Snack items,Indian Sweets & Namkeens and attain leadership in all other Sweets, Namkeens & Snack items as per Esteemed Customers Expectations up to the Full Satisfaction.

“Manohar Bikkaneri” Keep Innovating New Quality Products and Delight Consumers by offering wide range of quality Food Products at competitive rates as per Prevailing Market.

“Manohar Bikkaneri” Make Available Authentic, Tasty and Quality Vegetarian Food Products made as per Global Standards at Reasonable Cost, in India or Abroad.

“Manohar Bikkaneri” Remain Ahead of competitors Through product-innovation, adopting latest New Techniques s technologies and achieve optimum Cost of production.

“Manohar Bikkaneri” Always abide by Prevailing Law and Core Environment.

“Manohar Bikkaneri” Provide a Friendly Working Environment that Attracts best young, Dynamic, Dedicated & Hardworking Talent and offers Opportunity to our employees  to Excel and build carrier.

“Manohar Bikkaneri” Provide Growth Opportunity to all esteemed stakeholders including stockists, Distributors, Retailers, Suppliers ,etc.

“Manohar Bikkneri” Be a Debt Free Company, As Far as Possible.

“Manohar Bikkneri” Aim to reach the Traditional Indian sweets & Namkens, fast food, Snacks and Beverages not only throughout the country but also across the world.

“Manohar Bikkneri” Aim to provide High-Class Service to our Esteemed  Valued Customers so you can enjoy our product Anytime, Anywhere.

“Manohar Bikkneri” Team are always Eager to listen From you.

Keep Sharing your Valuable Feedback with us!

Thanks with Warm Regards 

Team Manohar Bikkaneri.


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