Terms And Conditions

  1. Courier/ delivery agent is engaged on behalf of the customer hence is customer’s agent and Manohar Bikkaneri is not responsible for the deficiency, if any, on his part.
  2. In case of Loss/ Damage/ Late Delivery on part of Manohar Bikkaneri Max. Liability terms will be the cost of the product only.
  3. Manohar Bikkaneri shall not be liable in any event for any consequential or special damage or other direct/ indirect losses, or hurting of emotion, or sentiments howsoever arising whether or not, Manohar Bikkaneri is responsible.
  4. Delivery to International locations is subject to customs clearance of destination country.
  5. International shipment addressed to residential apts. Will be delivered at the society office only and not to the specific consignee.
  6. Deliveries are made only at the address given, not to the specific consignee.
  7. Deliveries at hostel addresses will be delivered at college reception / in the ward’s office only and not to the specific consignees.
  8. Goods are sent with the utmost care, however can be de-shaped in transit and the supplier can not be held responsible for the same.
  9. Quarantine Charges/ Custom Inspection Charges as per the destination Government/Country’s law, will be borne by the consignee.
  10. In case of any mistake or misdescription of non-providing of right address/ Pin/ Zip code resulting in non-delivery or delay in delivery Chhappan Bhog/ Courier Co. can not be held responsible in any way and there shall be no entitlement for a refund of any sort whatsoever.
  11. Min. Transit time: Domestic – 3 working days. International delivery – 7 working days. Any delay will not be taken as a deficiency in service by Manohar Bikkaneri/ Courier Co. I’ve read and understood the terms on original/shipper copy & I agree and abide by the same and hereby waive my right of objection against the above terms.
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